Why Buy When You Can Rent A Ferrari 458 Coupe

If you want to drive the incredibly awesome Ferrari 458 but you can’t afford to buy one, then rent a Ferrari 458 Coupe. With a cost being close to a quarter of a million dollars to buy this ride, the average person will simply never be able to do so. But even if you can’t buy it you can rent it and get the enjoyment out of it.

Owning a Ferrari 458 Coupe is not just a matter of having the money to buy it but there’s also the money of ownership. Luxury tax along with maintenance and insurance would just be way above the means of most people. But anytime that you want to drive one you can arrange to rent it and then you have only the cost of however many days that you want to rent this ride.

This means you won’t have all the responsibilities and the outrageous cost that go along with owning it and yet you can get all the advantages of it. Going on a date and want to shock your date into thinking that you’re incredibly cool, then get your rental and take her on the night of a lifetime. Do you want to travel somewhere exclusive like Palm Springs or Las Vegas and you want to be treated like a high roller, rent a Ferrari 458 Coupe.

Most car rentals that have luxury cars available can arrange for you to have the car for a single day, for a weekend, or for an entire week. Depending on which car it is that you want there may be a waiting list so you should definitely call ahead and find out with enough time before you’ll need the car. You will likely have to demonstrate that you have full coverage insurance and in some cases, you may need to meet a particular age requirement that is set by the car rental.

Luxury cars can run anywhere from $500 to over $3,000 a day so although it’s only a tiny fraction of owning the car it’s not exactly cheap, even renting. But let’s face it, a car like this is often a person’s dream or part of their dream. So if you dream about driving such a car then renting is a great option. If you have that fabulous dream date that you really want to impress, then having a car like this to pick her up in and take her everywhere on your date is worth the price.


This car has a V8 with 560 horsepower and can take you from zero to 60 miles per hour in 3.3 seconds. It has a top speed of over 200 miles per hour. Obviously, if you’re renting the car, you probably don’t want to take it to the maximum speed the car is capable of. But sometimes just knowing that you can is enough.

If you’ve ever dreamed of driving an F1 car, driving your rented Ferrari 458 is similar to that. It shifts like a dream and the double clutch allows the shifting to complete before you’ve even finished pulling the paddle. The power is beyond description and the handling is incredibly perfect.

An Essential Guide To Luxury Car Rentals in Los Angeles

Vacations are exciting and those bachelor parties or girls weekend away events are even more enjoyable. The question is: how can you add even more fun to these already fabulous parties? The answer: visit L.A. in style with a luxury car rental from an agency like Apex Luxury Car Hire. This is, in fact, one of the ultimate ways to increase the “fun factor” of almost any party.

Hiring a smaller car, such as a mid-sized Toyota, may be the more sensible or practical alternative; however, isn’t the purpose of a bachelor party to indulge oneself to the utmost level? This is the chance to “take the bull by the horns and ride it” making the event an even more memorable one. In this article information will be provided as to how hiring a luxury vehicle can be an additional fun factor.

black-car-wheel-shotThe first step to having fun on a vacation or special celebratory trip is to hire a luxury vehicle, no matter if you are in the US or visit the UK, like Birmingham. If the car is hired as a surprise to the individual of particular importance, it is guaranteed to impress and excite them more than the simple mid-sized vehicle you may have hired at the last minute.

Of course, not all car rental companies offer the option of hiring luxury cars; therefore, it is important to do some prior research and locate the idea luxury car rental Los Angeles service.

This is very simple to do using online services and completing a quick Google or Yahoo search. It is, however, recommended that you read some reviews before booking the vehicle to ensure you are booking a car from a reputable company; as well as receiving the best deal available.

Finding The Ideal Option

Once you have located a luxury car rental service offering the vehicle for your particular needs, it is important that you continue to search for comparative companies. As is mentioned, this will help you find a reputable company with better deals; however, it will also help you locate car rental companies offering customized vehicles.

A customized vehicle service is a service allowing you to modify the vehicle to suit particular customer needs. This is perfect if you are searching for a vehicle for a specific type of event, such as a proposal or a bachelor party, as it will suit the theme and atmosphere.

Reduction In Stress

Believe it or not, using a luxury car rental Los Angeles service is able to reduce stress levels to a great extent. Not only will you be able to hire the ideal, most exciting car; but, the use of this luxury car will make you feel much younger and more rejuvenated. You should also read this article by the FTC on car rentals to stay safe when booking a vehicle overseas.

f you happen to be a young individual, then this would be a positive reason to rent a traditional vehicle as you may not have the money to afford a suitable luxury car just yet. Of course, it may be a temporary alternative and if you possibly pool in with friends there is a chance you could hire a smaller luxury car for a short period of time.…